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Sinéad Cormican Benítez was born in Palma in 1995. Her father being Irish and her mother from Cádiz, Sinéad grew up with the fusion of these two cultures alongside the local Mallorcan way of life in evidence daily, not least by the variety and quantity of music played in the house.

At the age of six, she began her violin studies under the Hungarian violin teacher László Fülöp, at Calviá Municipal School of Music.


She studied here for twelve years, before embarking on a degree in classical violin at the Music Conservatory of the Balearic Islands. After two years she decided to leave the island to finish her studies at the Liceu Conservatory, Barcelona, from where she graduated in 2018.


The move to Barcelona was motivated in no small part by Sinéad's interest in jazz, the city boasting a pioneering reputation in this genre. After three years of receiving classes and training in jazz, and having finished her violin degree, she returned to the Mallorca Conservetoire to begin a second music degree in jazz singing, which she is currently pursuing.

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